Digital Media Tools Guide

Document Number: 007-2275-011

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Table of Contents

About The Digital Media Tools Guide

1. Media Recorder
Media Recorder Overview
Launching Media Recorder
Capturing With Media Recorder
Working With Captured Clips
Selecting Record Settings by Task
Customizing Record Settings
Setting a Recording Time Delay
What About Disk Space?
Using the Transport Controls
Anatomy of the Media Recorder Interface
Troubleshooting Media Recorder
Keyboard Shortcuts

2. Media Convert
Overview of Media Convert
Launching Media Convert
Summary of Media Convert Conversions
Converting Movie Files
Converting Audio Files
Converting Image Files
Combining Media Files
Extracting a Media File from a Movie File
Changing Image Size
Specifying Video Parameters
Specifying Audio Parameters
Customizing Compression Settings
Comparing Input and Ouput File Information
Anatomy of the Media Convert Interface
Keyboard Shortcuts for Media Convert
Troubleshooting Media Convert Problems

3. Movie Maker
Getting Started
Opening Movies and Adding New Clips
Creating Titles and Annotations
Adding Filters for Effect
Setting and Reading the Time Display
Controlling How the Movie is Viewed
Setting Movie Playback Options
Exporting a Movie
Recording to Videotape
Anatomy of the Movie Maker Interface

4. Media Player
Launching Media Player
Playing Movies, Audio, or MIDI Files
Adjusting Volume
Setting Viewing Options
Selecting a Section
Scrolling Through a Movie or Audio File
Copying Into Other Applications
Anatomy of the Media Player Interface

5. Sound Track
Launching Sound Track
Building and Managing a Multitrack Project
Creating a New Sound File
Importing Files and Opening Projects
Controlling Disk Space Factors
Adding Effects
Playing Audio With Sound Track
Exporting and Saving
Troubleshooting Sound Track Problems
Keyboard Shortcuts
Anatomy of the Sound Track Interface

6. Sound Player
About Sound Player
Launching Sound Player
Playing an Audio File with Sound Player
Adjusting Sound Settings
About Sound Player Menus
Playing a MIDI File

7. CD Player
Launching CD Player
Playing an Audio CD
Adjusting Volume
Capturing Audio From a CD
Moving to a Location on the CD
Using the Track List
Using Play Options
Anatomy of the CD Player Interface

8. DAT Player
Launching DAT Player
Playing an Audio DAT
Adjusting Volume
Capturing Audio From a DAT
Moving to a Location on the Tape
Using the Track List
Using Play Options
Anatomy of the DAT Player Interface

9. CD Manager
About CD Manager
Launching CD Manager
Playing a CD
Adjusting the Volume of Your CD
Moving to a Particular Location on the CD
Using the Music Catalog
Recording to a File Using CD Manager
Understanding the Display

10. DAT Manager
About DAT Manager
Launching DAT Manager
Playing a Tape
Adjusting the Volume of Your Tape
Moving to a Particular Location on the Tape
Recording Audio from a DAT Tape to a File
Recording from an Audio File to a DAT Tape
Understanding the DAT Manager Display

11. MIDI Keyboard
Using the MIDI Keyboard
Reference to the Controls
Troubleshooting MIDI Keyboard Problems

12. Synthesizer Panel
Using the Synthesizer Panel
Reference to the Controls

13. Sound Editor
Launching Sound Editor
Manipulating Sound Files
Playing Sound Files
Adjusting the Playback Level
Recording Sound into a File Using Sound Editor
Editing a Sound File
Troubleshooting Sound Editor Problems
About the Sound Editor Display
Using Sound Editor's Menus

A. The Video Panel
Adjusting the Video Signal
Using the Video Panel With Optional Video Boards
Using a Bundled Camera
Connecting a VCR or Video Camera
Displaying Video in a Window
Sending Graphics to Video
Synchronizing Graphics To Video
Using the Commands To Output and Save Video Frames
Using the Pro Panels
Troubleshooting Problems With Video

B. The Audio Panel
Audio Panel Overview
Launching Audio Panel
Adjusting Workstation Speaker Settings
Setting the Default Input and Output Signal Path
Selecting a Sample Rate
Monitoring and Adjusting Input and Output Levels
Displaying Controls for Additional Devices
Ungrouping Left and Right Volume Sliders
Enabling Stereo or Four Channel Mode
Synchronizing Audio Devices
About the Audio Panel Menus
Using Presenter Audio
Troubleshooting Audio Panel Problems

C. General MIDI Sound Sets and Percussion Maps
General MIDI Sound Set
General Midi Percussion Map