ImageVision Tools  User's Guide

Document Number: 007-2273-006

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. ImageView
About ImageView
Opening Images
Enhancing the Appearance of an Image
Adjusting Image Sharpness
Adjusting Image Brightness, Haze, Contrast, or Saturation
Using Histogram-Based Scaling to Enhance an Image
Converting an Image to Its Photographic Negative
Using Transparency
Using the Define Transparency Panel
Manipulating Geometric Aspects of an Image
Rotating an Image
Reflecting an Image
Zooming an Image
Choosing a Resampling Method
Adjusting Images and Views
Understanding Images and Views
Selecting and Deselecting Views
Selecting a Frame Number, Component, or Subimage
Moving a View
Raising or Lowering an Image or View
Centering a View
Changing the Size and Shape of Views
Adjusting the Boundary Between Views
Comparing Images
Comparing the Same Area of Multiple Images
Comparing Different Areas of Multiple Images
Roaming Through an Image
Adjusting Screen Display Options
Resizing the ImageView Window
Scanning Through the History of Edits
Deleting an Image
Printing an Image, View, or Window
Saving an Image, View, or Window
Saving an Image, View, or Window Under the Current Filename
Saving an Image, View, or Window Under a New Filename or Format
Viewing Image Information
Viewing General Information About an Image
Viewing Close-Up Information About an Image
Viewing Distribution of Component Value Information About an Image
Customizing the ImageView Window
ImageView Window
Image Display Area
ImageView Menus
File Menu
View Menu
Edit Menu
Palette Buttons
Process Panel
Define Transparency Panel
Keyboard Shortcuts for ImageView

3. ImageCopy, ImageInfo, and ImageFormats
Copying an Image
Getting Information About an Image
Obtaining a List of Available File Formats

4. Image Works
About Image Works
Opening Images in Image Works
Saving an Image in Image Works
Setting Preferences in Image Works
Editing Images in Image Works

5. ImageTcl
Obtaining Information and Command Names for Operations