IRIS ViewKit Programmer's Guide

Document Number: 007-2124-006

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Table of Contents

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What This Guide Contains
What You Should Know Before Reading This Guide
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1. Overview of ViewKit
Major ViewKit Elements
Mixing ViewKit and Standard X and Motif Functions
Compiling and Linking ViewKit Programs
Getting Started

2. Components
Definition of a Component
VkComponent Class
Component Resource Support
ViewKit Callback Support
Deriving Subclasses to Create New Components
VkNameList Class

3. The ViewKit Application Class
Overview of the VkApp Class
VkApp Constructor
Running ViewKit Applications
ViewKit Event Handling
Customizing Event Handling
Quitting ViewKit Applications
Managing Top-Level Windows
Setting Application Cursors
Supporting Busy States
Maintaining Product and Version Information
Application Data Access Functions
Deriving Classes From VkApp
Putting Applications in the Overlay Planes

4. ViewKit Windows
Overview of ViewKit Window Support
Window Class Constructors
Window Class Destructors
Creating the Window Interface
Manipulating Windows
Window Data Access Functions
Window Manager Interface
Menu Bar Support
Deriving Window Subclasses

5. Creating Menus With ViewKit
Overview of ViewKit Menu Support
ViewKit Menu Item Classes
ViewKit Menu Base Class
Using ViewKit Menu Subclasses
Putting Menus in the Overlay Planes

6. ViewKit Undo Management and Command Classes
Undo Management
Command Classes

7. Using Dialogs in ViewKit
Overview of ViewKit Dialog Management
ViewKit Dialog Class Overview
ViewKit Dialog Base Class
Using the ViewKit Dialog Subclasses
Putting Dialogs in the Overlay Planes

8. Preference Dialogs
Overview of ViewKit Preference Dialogs
ViewKit Preference Item Base Class
ViewKit Preference Item Classes
ViewKit Preference Dialog Class

9. Handling Visuals With ViewKit
Overview of the VkVisual Class
Overview of X Visuals
Useful Enums
VkVisual Constructors and Destructor
Member Functions
VkVisual Examples

10. ViewKit Cut and Paste
Overview of ViewKit Cut and Paste
Primary and Clipboard Transfer Models
VkCutPaste Constructor and Destructor
Copying Data
Pasting Data
Dragging Data
Accepting Drops
Accepting Drops From the IRIX Interactive Desktop
Registering New Data Types
Using Data Type Converters
File and Data Ownership
Miscellaneous Functions

11. Using a Help System With ViewKit
ViewKit Programmatic Interface to a Help Library
Using ViewKit Help
Using the SGIHelp Library
Using an External Help Library
ViewKit Support for Building Help
ViewKit Help Menu
Other Types of Help

12. The ViewKit Graph Component
Overview of ViewKit Graphs
ViewKit Node Class
ViewKit Graph Class

13. Miscellaneous ViewKit Display Classes
ViewKit Support for Double-Buffered Graphics
Tick Marks for Scales
Management Classes for Controlling Component and Widget Display Characteristics

14. Miscellaneous ViewKit Data Input Classes
Check Box Component
Radio Check Box Component
Tab Panel Component
Text Completion Field Component
Repeating Button Component
Management Classes for Controlling Component and Widget Operation

15. ViewKit Process Control Classes
VkRunOnce and VkRunOnce2

A. Contributed ViewKit Classes
ViewKit Meter Component
ViewKit Pie Chart Component
ViewKit Outline Component

B. Changes and Additions in ViewKit 2.1
Overview Of ViewKit 2.1
Porting to ViewKit 2.1
Required Packages (ViewKit 2.1 Addendum)
ViewKit 2.1 Inheritance Graph

C. ViewKit Class Graph


“Adding a Window Interface to a Direct Instantiation of a ViewKit Window Class”