Topics in IRIX® Programming

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I. The Process Address Space

1. Process Address Space
Defining the Address Space
Interrogating the Memory System
Mapping Segments of Memory
Locking and Unlocking Pages in Memory
Additional Memory Features
Using Origin2000 Nonuniform Memory

II. Interprocess Communication

2. Interprocess Communication
Types of Interprocess Communication Available
Using System V IPC
Using 4.2 BSD IPC

3. Sharing Memory Between Processes
Overview of Memory Sharing
POSIX Shared Memory Operations
IRIX Shared Memory Arenas
System V Shared Memory Functions

4. Mutual Exclusion
Overview of Mutual Exclusion
POSIX Facilities for Mutual Exclusion
IRIX Facilities for Mutual Exclusion

5. Signalling Events
Timer Facilities

6. Message Queues
Overview of Message Queues
POSIX Message Queues
System V Message Queues

III. Advanced File Control

7. File and Record Locking
Overview of File and Record Locking
Controlling File Access With File Permissions
Using Record Locking
Enforcing Mandatory Locking
Record Locking Across Multiple Systems

8. Using Asynchronous I/O
About Synchronous and Asynchronous I/O
Asynchronous I/O Example

9. High-Performance File I/O
Using Synchronous Output
Using Direct I/O
Using a Delayed System Buffer Flush
Using Guaranteed-Rate I/O

IV. Models of Parallel Computation

10. Models of Parallel Computation
Parallel Hardware Models
Parallel Execution Models

11. Statement-Level Parallelism
Products for Statement-Level Parallelism
Creating Parallel Programs
Managing Statement-Parallel Execution

12. Process-Level Parallelism
Using Multiple Processes
Parallelism in Real-Time Applications

13. Thread-Level Parallelism
Overview of POSIX Threads
Compiling and Debugging a Pthread Application
Creating Pthreads
Executing and Terminating Pthreads
Using Thread-Unique Data
Pthreads and Signals
Scheduling Pthreads
Synchronizing Pthreads

14. Message-Passing Parallelism
Choosing a Message-Passing Model
Choosing Between MPI and PVM

V. Working With Fonts

15. Working With Fonts
Font Basics
Using Fonts With the X Window System
Installing and Adding Font and Font Metric Files
Downloading a Type 1 Font to a PostScript Printer

VI. Internationalizing Your Application

16. Internationalizing Your Application
Overview of Internationalization
Using Locales
Character Sets, Codesets, and Encodings
Cultural Items
Locale-Specific Behavior
Strings and Message Catalogs
Internationalization Support in X11R6
Internationalization Support in Motif
Translating User Input
GUI Concerns
Popular Encodings

A. ISO 3166 Country Names and Abbreviations