Software Packager User's Guide

Document Number: 007-2503-003

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
What This Guide Contains
What You Should Know Before Reading This Guide
Font Conventions in this Guide

1. Packaging Software for Installation: An Overview
About swpkg
Running swpkg
Using the swpkg Worksheets
Using the swpkg Menus
Using the Worksheet Selection Tabs
Using the Message Area

2. The swpkg Tutorial
Step One: Setting Up the Example Application Used by This Tutorial
Step Two: Running swpkg
Step Three: Creating a Product Hierarchy
Step Four: Tagging the Files
Step Five: Setting Permissions and Destinations
Step Six: Adding Attributes
Step Seven: Building the Product
Step Eight: Installing and Running the Product

3. Creating a Product Hierarchy
Creating a Product Hierarchy: Before You Begin
Creating a Product Hierarchy: The Basic Steps
Using the Create Product Hierarchy Worksheet

4. Tagging the Files
Tagging the Files: Before You Begin
Tagging the Files: The Basic Steps
Using the Tag Files Worksheet

5. Editing Permissions and Destinations
Editing Permissions and Destinations: Before You Begin
Editing Permissions and Destinations: The Basic Steps
Using the Edit Permissions & Destinations Worksheet

6. Adding Attributes
Adding Attributes: Before You Begin
Adding Installation Attributes: The Basic Steps
Using the Add Attributes Worksheet

7. Building the Product
Building the Product: Before You Begin
Building the Product: The Basic Steps
Using the Build Product Worksheet
After the First Build

8. Creating a Patch Product
Creating a Patch Product: The Basic Steps

A. Writing Mapping Expressions
About Mapping Expressions
Variables and Data Types
Built in Variables
Built-In Functions

B. Troubleshooting
Checklist of Do's and Don'ts
Error Messages
Other Problems