OpenGL® Porting Guide

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1. Introduction to Porting From IRIS GL to OpenGL
Differences Between IRIS GL and OpenGL
Tools and Libraries to Help Port Your Code
Porting IRIS GL Programs to OpenGL
If You're Not Porting Your Code to OpenGL Yet

2. Using the toogl Tool
Getting Started with toogl
Using xdiff or gdiff to Compare Files
Using toogl Effectively
Editing toogl Output: Areas that Need Special Attention
Editing toogl Output: An Example

3. After toogl: How to Finish Porting to OpenGL
Header Files
Porting greset()
Porting IRIS GL get* Commands
Porting Commands That Required Current Graphics Positions
Porting Screen and Buffer Clearing Commands
Porting Matrix and Transformation Calls
Porting Drawing Commands
Porting Color, Shading, and Writemask Commands
Porting Pixel Operations
Porting Depth Cueing and Fog Commands
Porting Curve and Surface Commands
Porting Antialiasing Calls
Porting Display Lists
Porting defs, binds, and sets: Replacing `Tables' of Stored Definitions
Porting Lighting and Materials Calls
Porting Texture Calls
Porting Picking Calls
Porting Feedback Calls
Porting RealityEngine Graphics Features
OpenGL Extensions

4. OpenGL in the X Window System
X Window System Background
Advice for OpenGL Programs using the X Window System
Fonts and Strings
Using Xt and a Widget Set
Using Xlib and GLX Commands

A. OpenGL Commands and Their IRIS GL Equivalents

B. Differences Between OpenGL and IRIS GL

C. OpenGL Names, Types, and Error
OpenGL Command Names
OpenGL Defined Types
Error Handling

D. Example OpenGL Program With the GLUT Library

E. Example Program Using Xt and a WorkProc

F. Example Mixed-Model Programs With Xlib
Example One: iobounce.c
Example Two: zrgb.c