SGI Book Publishing User's Guide

Document Number: 007-2863-004

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

What's New in This Guide
New Features Documented
Major Documentation Changes

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1. Getting Started
Before You Begin
Viewer Features to Keep in Mind
Guidelines for Organizing an Online Book
Guidelines for Cross-Referencing in Online Books
Overview of the Book Development Process
SGI Book Building Architecture
Advantages of the Book Development Process

2. Preparing Your Workstation
Summary of Software/Configuration Requirements
Setting Up Tools and Environment
Setting Up a Workarea
Organizing a Local Working Directory

3. Using FrameMaker Files and Template Features
Tagging FrameMaker Files
Creating Online Links

4. Working With Figures
Supported Image Formats and Naming Conventions
The Figure Subdirectories
About FrameMaker Art
Capturing Images
Processing and Importing Image Files
Things to Remember About Figures

5. Building Online Books
Editing the Makefile
Files and Directories Generated by make
Arguments to the make Command
Using make Commands
If make Doesn't Work
make book Error Messages
Viewing a Built Book

6. Finding and Fixing Online Build Errors
About Error Messages
Error Files
About SGML
Checking the .full File
Finding and Fixing Errors
Checking for Display Problems

7. Creating Online Help
Overview of Help
Tagging FrameMaker Files for Help
The Helpmap File
Creating A Rollover Menu
Creating Context Sensitive Help
Using the World Wide Web from Your Help Menu
Testing the Online Help
Telling Users Which Subsystems to Install

A. Using the SGI Book Building Templates to Author Documents
SGI Book Building Templates - A Quick Tutorial
Applying the Templates to Existing Files
Paragraph Tag Naming Scheme
Chapter and Appendix Numbers and Titles
Text Paragraph Tags
Code and Example Paragraph Tags
Messages and Explanations
Checkoff Paragraph Tags
Equation Paragraph Tags
Figure Tags
Hint, Tip, Note, Caution, Warning, and Shortcut Paragraph Tags
Flag Paragraph Tags
Footnote Paragraph Tag
Page Break Paragraph Tag
Character Tags
Cross References
Conditional Text
InSight Inline Object Tags
Help Paragraph Tags
Creating a Book File

B. Building DocBook XML Books
What is DocBook XML?
Building DocBook XML into HTML