Impressario Programming Guide

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About This Guide
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How to Use This Guide
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1. Impressario Architecture
Impressario Printing Architecture
Complying With the Impressario Scanning Architecture

2. Printer Drivers
Printer Driver Processing
Printer Driver Examples
The Filter/Driver Specification and psrip

3. Printer Model Files
Command-Line Arguments
Template Model File Execution
Printer-Specific Options
Developer-Supplied Model File Additions

4. Printer Graphical Options Panel
Graphical Options Panel Layout
Options Handling
Graphical Options Panel Development
Graphical Options Panel Naming
Graphical Options Panel Installation
Invocation by the PrintBox Widget
Standalone Invocation for Testing
Termination by the PrintBox Widget
Additional Information

5. Printing Libraries
The libspool Library
The libprintui Library
The libpod Library

6. Scanner Drivers
Driver Template
Header Files
Data Structures
Functions You Must Write

7. Scanner-Specific Options
Options Program and the Scanner Driver Interface
Scanner Driver's Perspective
Options Program's Perspective
Installation and Testing

8. Generic Scanner Interface
Coordinate System for Scanning
Data Structures
Data Type Conventions

9. Testing for Impressario Compatibility
Testing Impressario Printing Compatibility

10. Packaging Your Impressario Product
Making a tar Archive for Software Distribution
Packaging Impressario Printing Software
Packaging Impressario Scanning Software

11. Enhancing Impressario With Plug-Ins
How the Impressario File Conversion Pipeline Works
Adding a New File Type to Impressario
Using an Alternate PostScript RIP

A. Stream TIFF Data Format
Library Description
Library Access
Library Functions
Printing-Specific STIFF
Generic STIFF File Structure

B. Silicon Graphics Image File Format API
Library Description
Library Access
Library Functions
IMPImage Structure
Image Access Functions

C. Printer Object Database (POD) File Formats
General Syntax
Input Parsing Rules for libpod Files
Printer Configuration File Format
Printer Status File Format
Printer Log File Format

D. Transition Notes
Notes for Application Developers
Notes for Printer Driver Developers
General Changes in IRIX 6.2

E. Scanner Driver Architecture
Driver Structure
Scanner Functions
Queues and Multi-Threaded Scanner Drivers

F. Reference Pages

G. Color Management in Impressario
An Overview
ICC Color Profiles
Color Rendering Dictionaries
Generating CRDs and ICC Profiles

H. Using the Adobe Configurable PostScript Interpreter

I. Impressario PPD Driver Implementation
About PPD Files
Adding a PPD File to the System
Customizing a PPD File
PPD Driver Files
What Happens When a PPD Driver Is Installed
Where to Find PPD Files for a Specific Printer
Applicable Reference Pages