IRIX® Network Programming Guide

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1. Network Programming Overview
Introduction to IRIX Network Programming
The Internet Protocol Suite
Compiling BSD and RPC Programs

2. Sockets-based Communication
Sockets Basics
Network Library Routines
The Client/Server Model
Advanced Topics

3. Sockets-based Communication Using IPv6
Creation of an IPv6 Socket
IPv6 Address Structures
IPv6 Unspecified Address
IPv6 Loopback Address
Protocol Independent Socket Address Structure
Server and Client Programs
Socket Options
Using Multicasting

4. Introduction to RPC Programming
Overview of Remote Procedure Calls
The XDR Standard
The Layers of RPC
The rpcgen Protocol Compiler
Assigning RPC Program Numbers
The Port Mapper Programs

5. Programming with rpcgen
Introduction to the rpcgen Compiler
Changing Local Procedures to Remote Procedures
Generating XDR Routines
The C Preprocessor
pcgen Programming Notes

6. RPC Programming Guide
The Layers of RPC
Other RPC Features
More Examples

7. XDR and RPC Language Structure
XDR Language
RPC Language

8. XDR Programming Notes
Overview of XDR Programming
The XDR Library
XDR Library Primitives
XDR Operation Directions
XDR Stream Access
XDR Stream Implementation
Advanced Topics

9. Transport Layer Interface
Network Selection and Name-to-Address Mapping
OSI Reference Model
Overview of the Transport Interface
Introduction to Connection-Mode Service
Introduction to Connectionless-Mode Service
A Read/Write Interface
Advanced Topics
State Transitions
Guidelines for Protocol Independence
Some Examples
Error Messages

A. RPC Protocol Specification
RPC Protocol Requirements
RPC Protocol Definition
Authentication Protocols
Record Marking Standard
Port Mapper Program Protocol

B. XDR Protocol Specification
Basic Block Size
XDR Data Types
Common Questions about XDR

C. IRIX Name Service Implementation
Overview of UNS
UNS Programming Steps
UNS Library Routines
UNS Cache Files
UNS Name Service Daemon Operation
How UNS Protocol Libraries Work
NFS Interface to UNS