Digital Media Programming Guide

Document Number: 007-1799-060

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
What This Guide Contains
How to Use This Guide
How to Use the Sample Programs
Suggestions for Further Reading

1. Introduction to the Digital Media Libraries
Digital Media Data Specification Facilities
Digital Media I/O Facilities
Digital Media Live Data Transport Facilities
Digital Media File Operation and Conversion Facilities
Digital Media Data Conversion Facilities
Digital Media Playback Facilities

2. Digital Media Essentials
Digital Media Concepts
Digital Image Essentials
Digital Image Attributes
Digital Audio Essentials
Digital Media Synchronization Essentials
Digital Media File Format Essentials

3. Digital Media Parameters
Digital Media Data Type Definitions
Digital Media Parameter Types
Digital Media Parameter Lists

4. Digital Media I/O
Video I/O Concepts
Audio I/O Concepts
Audio I/O Control

5. Digital Media Buffers
About Digital Media Buffers
DMbuffer Live Data Transport Paths
A Detailed Look at Recording Compressed Live Video to Disk

6. Digital Media Data Conversion
About Digital Media Data Conversion
Using Digital Media Converters
Image Data Conversion
Audio Data Conversion

7. Digital Media Audio File Operations
About the Audio File Library
Creating and Configuring Audio Files
Opening, Closing, and Identifying Audio Files
Reading and Writing Audio Track Information
Audio File Library Programming Tips

A. Digital Media Conversion Libraries
The Color Space Library
The DVI Audio Compression Library
The G.711 Audio Compression Library
The G.722 Audio Compression Library
The G.726 Audio Compression Library
The G.728 Audio Compression Library
The GSM Audio Compression Library
The MPEG-1 Audio Compression Library
The Audio Rate Conversion Library