System Monitor Error Help

Table of Contents

Out of Disk Space
EFS Filesystem error
Ethernet: Late Collision
Ethernet Error
Duplicate IP Address In Use
Unknown Graphics Error
HFS Filesystem Error
HFS Read or Write Error
Cannot Open /dev/imon
IMON Event Queue Overflow
Server Failing (looping); Service Terminated
Unknown Error with the IOC3 card
Media Error: Unrecoverable Data Block
Memory (RAM) Problem
Bad Filesystem Error
NFS File Locking Error
NIS Domain Set Fails
No Help for This Message
Cannot Communicate with the Network
PCI Self Test Error
Parallel Port Driver Not Initialized
No Pseudo Terminals Available
Incore Disk Quota Table Overflow
RPC Service Change
System Audit Error
System Audit Error
SCSI interface Error
SCSI bus reset
HFS Sector Too Large
External Media Read Error
Serial Port Error
Process or Stack Limit Exceeded
NFS Duplicate Transaction Cache Exceeded
Cannot Add Swap Space
Swap Out Failed on Logical Swap
Out of Swap Space
Tablet Init Failed
Tape or Tape Drive is Dirty
Tape Hardware Error
Time Invalid
Tape Drive Media Error
Trap Held or Ignored
Vacation: Cannot Exec
Vacation: No Such User UID
Read or Write Errors in XFS File System