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Debugger commands


  • SM 0 A9F4 Kill last active task
  • G 0 Exit debugger and continue


help Help Show help. Type help <subtopic> for help on subtopic.
g Go Continue execution where it was interrupted
es Exit to shell Kill the current application
dx Debugger Exchange Turn user breaks on or off (toggles). Use this avoid invoking MacsBug when an application calls Debugger() or DebugStr().
sc Stack crawl Show the stack using A6/R1 links
sc7 Stack crawl Show return addresses on the stack
hc all Heap check all Check all heaps
hc Heap check Check the current heap
log <filename> Log file Write output of following commands to log file <filename>. Typing log again toggles the log off.
stdlog Standard log Write a log file containing general information usefulf for debugging a crash

Updated on 22.04.2017