We are retroeeks

About us

Our mission is to collect and organize an awesome old software and hardware base, rescuing it from extinction. Focused on high performance computers form 80-s and 90-s, our team also don't miss a chance to aquire low-end home computers produced in USSR. And it is a significant part of our gadget collection.


Andrew Sharp

Independent UX/UI designer, Founder of kleinbottledesign.com

Mail: [email protected]

Alex Byteman

C developer, founder of bytespace.by Skype: zx_aaa


  • nekochan.net — Famous forum for SGI users.
  • zxbyte.ru – Project dedicated to "Byte" computer series, soviet Spectrum-compatible computers and other computers and peripherals from early 90-s.
  • sgistuff.net — SGI tips and tricks.
  • jupiterrise.com and Tom G. Christensen — Maintainer of The Tgcware binary repository for IRIX and Solaris.


Updated on 22.04.2017